Highwater Capital Group is a fully-integrated real estate investment company based in Greater New York City.  Our expertise spans the full spectrum of real estate activities including acquisitions, development, property and asset management, and construction. Highwater Capital Group’s mission is to create and identify profitable opportunities that persist through all phases of the business cycle. By operating as a fully-integrated company, our team is able to evaluate, adapt to, and capture market opportunities. With extensive experience, Highwater Capital Group successfully executes projects spanning the full gamut of residential, commercial, and mixed-use entities.


PJAR Architects

PJAR Architects, (Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie) is an internationally renowned firm established in 1994, and has been recognized as one of the most creative and innovative architects for over half a century.

Pjar Architects


Design Studio15 Interior Design Architectural and Detailing Firm, with offices located in Florida, New York, and Seattle.



The Edward Hickey Team at Compass has almost 50 years of combined experience selling Residential Real Estate in New York City and Westchester County, N.Y.